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Blush And Gold

Body & Soul Journal

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This Body & Soul Journal is made to inspire.

It's a diverse and thorough journal meant to help navigate your mental and/or physical wellness. 

There's an all-in-one weekly diary, reflection journal, habits tracker, exercise and meal planner, intentions and gratitude journal, and much more.

Practical monthly and weekly pages allow you also to use it as your yearly planner. Pages are un-dated, allowing you to start your journey at any point in the year. (WHICH IS THE BEST PART!) You don't have to wait for anything. Start now!! (well, after it ships to you anyway)

Plus, it's fucking pretty. It's a soft beige/pinkish color and has glorious gold gilding on the edges to give you just the right amount of sophistication.

Add it to your cart and start kicking ass and loving yourself more!